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What brand is wicker furniture

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What brand is wicker furniture ?

Here is a list of famous brands for you to choose.

(1) Birdeis outdoor (a famous trademark of Guangdong Province, a wicker furniture enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, a well-known brand of gaoduanteng furniture, Foshan birdiesoutdoor Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)

Chinese Supply Outdoor Aluminum Wicker Patio Furniture

wicker furniture

(2) Mr. holby (a leader in domestic rattan furniture industry, a noble and elegant cultural connotation, a well-known supplier of medium and high-end rattan furniture brands, Dongguan Zhongyi Industry Co., Ltd.)

(3 )Artie (a leading brand in the domestic high-end outdoor furniture industry, an enterprise that proposed the concept of "holiday furniture" earlier in the industry, a large outdoor furniture enterprise, Guangzhou yati Industry Co., Ltd.)

(4) sunny garden (a world-famous outdoor leisure products manufacturing business, one of the larger manufacturing businesss of sunblind canopy, the drafting unit of industry standard, ten brands of rattan furniture, Zhejiang zhengte Group Co., Ltd Division)

(5) Hugo higold (a famous domestic home hardware and manner furniture brand, a leading manufacturer of kitchen functional hardware and outdoor furniture, and Hugo Hardware Products Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan City)

(6) emerald rattan (a large-scale furniture fabrication / wholesale / chain retail enterprise integrating rattan furniture R & D / manufacture / sales, a leading rattan furniture enterprise, and emerald rattan mathematical group)

(7) xiaoteng Craftsman (top 10 brands of rattan furniture, integrating design / production / selling, rattan furniture manufacturing enterprise insisting on original furniture design, Foshan Nanhai Yuda Furniture Co., Ltd.)

(8) rattan tale (a professional outdoor furniture manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D / design / production / sales, a well-known rattan furniture brand, Dongguan rattan border Crafts Co., Ltd.)

(9) Mister dream (founded in In 1997, 100 Asia Pacific Furniture (Foshan) Co., Ltd.

(10) tengwangfu (a professional Tengbian furniture enterprise integ


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